Friday, 8 July 2011

Creativity day! With my flower lover main man, D.

who cares that it's below zero!!!! look at these flowers.

Everyone at the market were such happy chaps despite the cold. And most of them were quite fond of D with ''that'' felt hat.

The famous hat wearer!

simply divine

The Birth of The Pollen Nation

The little flower thief at age 5 in the infamous garden before being banned.
still up to my old tricks!!!
Welcome to The Pollen Nation a haven for flower junkies like myself. That’s right! im a full blown self confessed flower addict. From a wee age of 5 i was Newport’s most notorious flower thief. I would climb fences, hide in bushes and was even caught red handed pinching my neighbours award winning garden roses (sorry Doris). They built a bigger fence to stop me (it didn’t) and eventually i was banned altogether. So 20 years later nothing much has changed except the flower markets is a far better option.